Civil Engineering:

  • Trench and Manhole excavation to specification, including rock breaking, chemical fracturing, and if
  • required blasting
  • Back fill, compaction, DCP
  • Re-instatement, to municipal type and specification (conditions of way leave), laboratory tested soil for
  • grassed and garden areas.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling – contract with Specialist Company.

Duct Lying – Types

  • 110mm HDPE
  • 32 mm HDPE direct burial
  • 7 way micro duct
  • 24 way micro duct
  • Laying of ducts to any combination as per specification.
  • Duct Integrity test.


  • Manhole installation, all prefabricated types
  • Manhole building, brick type
  • Manhole building, reinforced concrete

Cable Installation (Fibre Optic cable)

  • Floating of Conventional and Micro Fibre optic cable
  • Pre-test and Post-test.

In terms of project size and timelines, multiple teams will be deployed, to the extent that, a team can be ramped up from 60-120 people including machinery.
UZI has supply contract signed up with SK Construction for any number trenching machines such as TLBs and Excavators.

Optical Fibre Splicing & Maintenance

  • UZI will provide the fibre splicing teams.
  • UZI will provide specialist FOC Splicing team and testing team. i.e. – Bi-Directional testing; ODF installation and termination; end-to-end testing

Aerial Line Construction

  • Pole planting
  • Hardware fitting
  • Cable erection
  • Jointing



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